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Planning for the future of Radium Springs

January 12, 2004

Dougherty County - Now that the Radium Springs Casino is gone, what will happen to the land? The last thing the people living in the area want to see is the natural wonder commercialized. And, they plan to tell that to county and state leaders at an upcoming public hearing.

A fence now surrounds Radium Springs and the former site of the Casino which was demolished two months ago. "The real beauty to us was behind the Casino," said Nancy Barclay, Radium Springs homeowner.

Barclay has lived in Radium Springs for 13 years. "The fencing in of Radium Springs will possibly change." She and her neighbors have now shifted their efforts from saving the Casino to preserving the real treasure - the Blue Springs.

"We would like to see it maintain its natural beauty rather than someone come in and make a buck off it," said Barclay. The Department of Natural Resources owns the springs and the surrounding 85 acres. Dougherty County owns the road front property.

"We would like to see a natural area where a lot of aquatic education could go on," said DNR official Russ Ober. The DNR wants to add hiking trails, scenic overlooks, and outdoor classrooms.

"The DNR's proposal goes hand in hand with what we would like to see as neighborhood," said Barclay.

The big problem is there's just no money for improvements. But, Barclay remains optimistic. "Money will come eventually," said Barclay. "We don't have to do everything at one time. We're willing to wait." Willing to wait, if it means saving the Springs from commercialization and keeping the beauty of the natural wonder from being fenced in again.

The DNR and the County are holding a public hearing so people can comment on the future of the Radium Springs site. The hearing will be Monday February 16, 2004 at 10:00AM at the government building.

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