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Wild Adventures brings snow to South Ga.

January 12, 2004

Valdosta - What does it take to bring snow to South Georgia? Lots and lots of ice. "To get started, it takes about 100 tons," said Stephen Griffin of Adel Ice Company.

Stephen Griffin is the man who makes it all happen. He starts with a cold, heavy block of ice and uses this machine to create South Georgia snow. "It comes out in a fine, powdery form and I can spray it on the ground or like you see it here on a hill," said Griffin.

It takes 10 tons of ice each day to maintain this winter playground, and the least bit of warm weather can cause big problems. "Melting's always a problem, so as they need us, they call us back and we freshen it up for them," said Griffin.

The finished product is Wild Adventures' Snow Days. There's a snow pit, ice rink, and toboggan hill for kids to enjoy. "Kids in South Georgia don't get a chance to see snow, sometimes ever, so we decided to bring it to them," said Sara Sumner of Wild Adventures.

And even though its not the real thing, you'd never tell the difference from the looks on the guests' faces.

Snow Days runs through February 29th.

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