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Low-carb items popular on Albany menus

January 12, 2004

Albany-- Millions of Americans are eating low-carb diets these days-- and restaurants are taking notice.

Now, many of your favorite fast-food stops offer low-carb items and the choices are paying off.

Could cheesy chicken quesadillas actually be good for you? If you are a low carb dieter, the answer is "Yes".

Ruby Tuesday's Manager Carlton Singer says, "It's been excellent, absolutely wonderful, people are ordering more and more of the low carb items."

Ruby Tuesday's in Albany was the first in town to offer low-carb items about a month and a half ago. They now have 32 choices on the menu. There's even information on how to eat "low carb" on the table.

The new menu is paying off, "Believe it or not we are up $4,000 in sales already this week. It's been pretty much trending that way for the last couple weeks since we have unrolled the menu."

Palmyra Hospital Registered Dietician Tania Early says it's hard to ignore the results people are seeing from a low carbohydrate, high-protein diet, "The people are seeing good results from it. They are losing weight. Their lipid profiles are improving and their cholesterol is going down. They are actually seeing improved HDL and lower LDL numbers, so you know that goes against everything we have always preached and said not to do."

The short-term effects, like weight loss, are good. But it's the long term effects, like cardiovascular problems caused by the high-fat, high-cholesterol diet, that concern the medical community.

But restaurants like Subway know a good thing when they see it. Subway District Manager Glenn Holden says,"The reaction is more than we expected. The word is we might run out of wraps because the demand is so great."

Subway's low carbohydrate selections, which substitute the bread for a low-carb wrap, have been on the menu for a couple weeks. Already, they are best sellers, like everything else low-carb, and are sure to stay on the menu for a long time.

Subway and Ruby Tuesday aren't the only restaurants offering low-carb choices. Blimpies and Hardees are putting low-carb selections on their menus.

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