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Death penalty appeal denied

January 12, 2004

Albany -- An appeal is denied for an Albany man on death row for murder.

Marcus Ray Johnson has been on death row since April 1998 for killing Angela Sizemore. He had picked up the single mother at a northwest Albany nightclub the night March 24, 1994. She was taken to a holding pond, raped, beaten and stabbed to death.

 The denied appeal is just the first in the long process of appeals on death row. Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said "The trial was tried flawlessly. I don't know that there were any errors at all, that would result in any kind of reversal. Certainly the facts of this case dictate that death is an appropriate sentence."

Now Johnson's next appeal will be directed to the Georgia Supreme Court. Then he would have to turn to Federal Justices in any further appeals.

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