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Pageant winners discuss platforms

January 11, 2004

Tifton- The moment her name was called is still unbelievable for 21-year old Brooke Edenfield even though last year she was named Miss Tifton.

That title took her to the Miss Georgia pageant, and as Miss Albany she'll compete once again.

"I think I'll be so much more prepared than I was last year and I have a great board behind me this year as well as last year but I think I'll just be more prepared and more comfortable on the stage," she says.

She may be prepared for the pageant, but nothing could prepare her for the event that changed the life of her entire family.

"My platform is breast cancer awareness and I chose it because of my mother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and I just hope to educate people on what they need to do about early detection, and how their families can work together with them to support them through everything that's going on and I just hope to educate people about that," Brooke explains.

Her already proud mother says hearing about daughter's platform makes her title even more special.

"I did not know that she had changed her platform. This a very sensitive subject still. It just happened in August of the past year, and it made me very proud that she was able to speak out on breast cancer awareness," says her mother, Debbie Edenfield.

16-year old Tobi Collins also centered her platform around something close to her She plans to share her gift with other young girls.

"Dance is also a metaphor for life. You can dance in so many ways you don't have to dance using your feet. You can dance with life itself just being a positive person, being a good person. That's dancing through life also," Tobi says.

"It's very important for her to be able to work with people and share her ideas. She's very creative and this gives her the opportunity and an outlet to share her creativity with others," adds her mother, Renee Collins.

Both young women say they're just excited the pageant has given them chance to spread their message and hopefully make an impact on the lives of others.

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