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Gov. Perdue cuts may effect presidential race

January 11, 2004

Albany -- As Governor Perdue prepares to present a proposed state budget to the lawmakers Monday, he does so knowing that his moves could effect how some South Georgians vote in this year's Presidential race.

"I want to tell you very simply what some priorities are and get your ideas as we go forth,"Govenor Perdue said Friday, in Albany during a tour of the state.  As he prepares to present a budget to lawmakers South Georgians are watching with concerns, from the preserving the Hope scholarship to questions about proposed budget cuts. "No new taxes sounds appealing but it got to come from some where,"says healthcare  accountant, Jim Cremer. 

But this is no ordinary legislative session for Perdue. He's the first Republican governor in the state since reconstruction and this year the presidency, as well as house and senate seats are up for grabs. Many undecided voters may choose to draw their party lines based on proposals made this year. "Ohh certainly yeah because you always want to choose somebody who you feel will hold up to the promises that they make and also people needs," says Tonja Spencer a resident in Albany. "I look at things like that as far as the party goes and the individual opinions and weight them all together,"says Ricky Smith. "No I vote for the president based on who is the best president,"say Charles Horn.

But this year will prove to be a tough one for the Governor as he prepares to make state jobs cuts. Even with a proposed 200 million dollar increase for Medicaid,PeachCare and a mid year increase for educators, some South Georgian will still feel the burn of the states rebounding economy. 

The legislative session convenes Monday. WALB will have coverage from Atlanta and will bring you all the latest developments.

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