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State lawmakers say no new taxes for 2004

January 10, 2004

Albany -- "No new taxes" that's what Governor Sonny Perdue and Republican lawmakers are saying for the 2004 session. Last year, Perdue was able to persuade lawmakers to raise the cigarette tax to 37 cents per pack. But this election year the state is opting to cut government jobs and freeze tax increases."I don't believe that any new taxes will be on the table,"says Rep.Ed Rynders. "Whether it's alcohol,tobacco,gasoline, food any kind of consumption tax. I don't think we will see any type of tax increase on the table this year," he says.

Most state agencies were marked for budget cuts of two-point-five percent in the midyear budget plan and have been told to expect further reductions of up to five percent in the next spending proposal.

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