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Street ballers head to S. GA

January 10, 2004

Albany- The players of the Killer Crossover Tour promise Saturday night's game will be like no other.

"A lot of scoring, a lot of show time, a lot of flare, a lot of excitement," says Hot Sauce.

"It's a constant adrenaline rush. When somebody pulls off a move or when somebody pulls off a big dunk then it gets crazy in here, people might just run on the floor, somebody might just throw something on the court. It's like anything can happen," says Violator.

"You might see a few things that might surprise you, so I'll just leave it at that," says Silk.

As they travel across the country the players show off their unconventional moves often leaving competitors and fans awestruck. While they might be flashy players, these guys are serious about their game.

"Some people that can entertain and some people that can play for real. I'm like one of the few that can do a little of both. So I can go out there and joke and play with you, but at the same I might have 50 points in the game," explains Silk.

"When we all get together everybody is coming out to a big show, but we are also playing a real game and we're putting up at least 130 points a game," Hot Sauce says.

"Nobody came out here and started going through their legs, and dunking backwards and doing 360's. Everybody learned the fundamentals first. So, I would say learn the fundamentals first before you try anything extra or flashy," says Violator.

The players have been seen on And 1 Mix tapes, several video games and on ESPN and MTV. The game kicks off at 7 o'clock.

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