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South Georgia reservist helping lead community from around the world

January 9, 2004
Arlington- Jerome Brackins is home on a two week break after 10 months in Kuwait.

He's part of a supply company out of Opelika, Alabama.

"We all understand what we're supposed to be fighting for," Brackins said. "For our freedom, keeping us free so we can do the things that we like to do."

He'll return to his final months in the Middle East as a new city councilman. Jerome ran for Arlington city council while in the desert. His fiance' Donna Teart helped run his campaign and even delivered his speech in a debate.

"I called her one night on the phone and she asked me, well, what do you want me to say cause they wanted her to write a speech, me to write a speech."

Their long-distance campaigning worked. Brackins beat a 16-year incumbent for the post three seat.

"I like the little town. And that's why I ran for city councilman because I feel like there's a need for more here and I feel like if we get out and research that we can bring more to Arlington."

He's already invested time in the community by working with several youth organizations.

"I guess you could say my involvement in the community let people know where my heart is, how I feel about the community, so I guess people said, Hey he'll make a good person for councilman."

Soon, he'll return to the Middle East to continue working for America. But when he comes home, he'll be ready to begin working for Arlington.

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