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Program helps unemployed workers

January 9, 2004

Albany- Dozens of laid-off Georgians head to the Department of Labor each day to learn about resources and benefits that can help them get back on their feet, and a new training program may make that transition a little easier.

"It's actually where an employer can try a person before they buy a person," says Lynne Jones of the Department of Labor.

It's called Georgia Works. For the first time ever, it allows out-of-work Georgians to go into a workplace setting for eight weeks, train for a job, and still receive unemployment benefits.

"It's an opportunity not only for the employer to try a person, but it's an opportunity for the potential employee to try a company before they buy into the company too," Jones explains.

The Advanced Rehab Center is one of ten official Georgia Works sites in Dougherty County. They currently have one trainee.

"Any extra hands we have in here with us during the day also helps the flow of clients coming through, so it kind of just helps us get through the day also a little easier, a little more efficiently, and at the same time he's getting the benefit of learning different things while he's here also," says Physical Therapist Bob Dykes.

And there's no charge for the extra help. Placing potential employees through the program is free to Georgia Works employers.

"I think it's a great opportunity for us to work with the area, and help these individuals get on the job," adds Dykes.

In addition to on-site training, Georgia Works participants can receive up to a $240 training allowance for childcare, transportation, tools and work clothes.

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