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Police say get scooters off the street

January 9, 2004

Albany -- You've probably seen lots of kids around your neighborhood riding the hottest Christmas gifts this year, those motorized scooters. Most are illegal to ride on streets and roads in Georgia.

Albany Police are warning parents that they are cracking down on scooters, golf carts, or four wheelers if they are on public roads.

Motorized scooters were big sellers at the Battery Mart this Christmas. Manager David Cook sold more than 50 of them. And he says he informed the buyers the toys were not street legal. Cook said "I had parents up here waiting in line for them. And they were asking me everyday if the kids could ride them in the main streets, and I said no. But you know how good that goes."

Albany Police have also seen the scooters and golf carts being driven by young kids in streets. And they are worried about safety. Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police Department said "We need to get them off the road. In the past we've had some mishaps where young people have been hurt or killed driving these type of vehicles on the streets. "

Golf carts and four wheel ATV's are also considered toys, and are not legal for road use. Albany Police say they will be giving tickets.

Michelle DeMott, Safe Communities Coordinator said "Somebody is going to get hurt. And we would like parents to stop and think about what they are letting their children do, before they put they put them in that type of vehicle. "

State law says street legal vehicles must have authorized headlights, night lights, tail lights, brakes, exhaust systems, and tires. The popular scooters and golf carts don't meet any of those criteria.

Cook said "They don't realize the scooter does 10 miles an hour, and the car does 70. And if they hit, that's it."

Albany Police recommend kids ride the scooters in their yards. And warn they will be writing tickets to keep them out of streets.

 In Albany if your child is ticketed for riding a scooter in the street, he possibly could be charged with illegal vehicle and unlicensed driver violations. The fine for each violation is 55 dollars.

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