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Pennies for Puppies helps pets

January 8, 2004

Albany - A penny for your thoughts, or maybe save that penny for a cute and cuddly puppy. The second "Penny for Puppies" campaign is begging for your change. The Humane Society needs coins to help families pay to get pets spayed and neutered.

Hundreds of dogs are eager to be adopted. Albany Humane Society Executive Director, Donna Strickland, says, "It's just irresponsible breeding and there are not enough homes for them."

You know him as "Double Down" with Real Rock 97.3. He tells listeners, "What a great a opportunity we have right now!" Clear Channel Communications in Albany launched the "Pennies for Puppies" campaign last year.

The DJ drops a handful of pennies for a sound effect and adds, "We are asking for a little bit of change, pennies, here's my props." The 'props' will drop into the Spay and Neuter program at Albany's Humane Society.

Every penny will go toward pets that live at your home. Strickland explains, "That money is available to the public, for spade and neutering. Adopted animals here at the shelter are taken care of through our adoption program. So every penny donated is going to go back into the community."

The goal $10,000 or one million pennies. Strickland says, "And one million pennies will spade and neuter a lot of animals in this community."

Albany Bank and Trust has volunteered to count the change. AB&T Marketing Director, Justin Strickland, laughs, "We do have machines that will do that for us. We'll deposit them and put them into an account here."

Back to the DJ as he barks at listeners to give, "Help out the puppies, they'll appreciate it, RUUFFFF." That's a language the puppies understand and a program that's sure to make them jump for joy.

If you live in Dougherty or Lee County and you can't afford to get your cat or dog spayed or neutered, visit the Albany Humane Society to fill out an application.

Here's locations in Dougherty County where you can drop off pennies:

Albany Bank & Trust
Lighthouse Liquors
Stardust II Carwash
Stardust Skate Center
Gillespie & Harrell
South Ga Brick
Sunset Grill
Walden & Kirkland
Flint Office Furniture
Paw Prints and Pineapples
T. Skallas
The Parlor
Invisible Fence
Brusters Ice Cream

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