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Nashville city manager and police chief forced to resign

January 7, 2004

Nashville - The city manager and the police chief of a South Georgia town have been forced to resign.

Timothy Hill is spending his day looking for a new job. City council asked for his resignation at a special called meeting Tuesday. "They advised me to make a management decision that I didn't agree with and when I said I wasn't going to do it, I was dismissed," said Hill.

That management issue concerns police chief Jerry Lipsey. Council members received multiple complaints on his performance, and asked Hill to reprimand or fire him. They won't comment on the nature of the complaints. "I just didn't feel it was justified, I didn't feel what they asked me to do had sufficient reason," said Hill.

As of 5:00p.m. Tuesday, both Hill and Lispey were not longer employed with the city of Nashville. In Hill's letter to the city, he says he accepts his termination. But in a letter from Lispey, he says he's done nothing wrong and he plans on appealing to the mayor and city council. "This will give him the opportunity to speak directly which is a democracy," said Mayor Connie Perry. "He will have the right to express himself and ask the questions he thinks are important."

People who live and work in this small town were surprised at the council's decision. "It was not aware that this sort of thing was going on so its a shock to me," said Jimmy Lane. "Timothy Hill, he was trying, I've talked to him several times," said Drew Smith.

But Mayor Perry assures residents this decision is for the best. "We will have city services as usual and we will have someone qualified to stand in for the chief until those issues are resolved," said Perry.

The council will appoint an interim police chief at Thursday night's meeting. The duties of city manager will be handled by other city employees.

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