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Debris found in drinking water

January 6, 2004

Albany - People have described it as trash, sand or rust. We're talking about particles found in water coming out of faucets all around Albany. On Tuesday, Water, Gas, and Light workers flushed out the system hoping to solve the problem.

People turn on the sink, only to find pieces of dirt, rust and unknown particles that are clogging up faucets, washing machines and shower heads. Lorie Farkas of Albany Water, Gas & Light, admits it's a problem. She says, "There's no harmful effects, other than, it doesn't look pleasant and it clogs up our spigot systems."

Why are people in Albany having this water trouble? W G & L says a new well field is to blame. Farkas adds, "We just brought it on-line. It's to provide water for our citizens in Albany and Dougherty County for the next 20 years at least, or the next 50 years."

There's been an increase in water pressure in certain neighborhoods. Homes that are more than 30 years old have rusty pipes. Farkas explains, "As long as there is rust in those galvanized pipes, they'll continue to flake off."

Gushing water is just the beginning of a massive water flushing project. We watched workers start on Wipporwill Road and South Audubon Drive in northwest Albany. Nothing unusual was found in the water main. Farkas says, "Hoping this will help in a larger way to shorten the time our citizens are inconvenienced."

Farkas says the problem should straighten itself out in the next couple of weeks... once the pressure is equalized.

If you notice a build-up, undo and clean screens in your faucets and washing machines, eventually it will clear up.

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