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Sodas already out of Dougherty schools

January 6, 2004

Albany- Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended removing soft drink machines from schools and offering healthy alternatives.

They're already doing that here. Soda machines were removed from Dougherty County schools in August and replaced with water and juice machines.

"They're quite receptive to them. In fact our sales of the juices and water are greater than the soft drinks before because they're available all day long. In other words they can get them in the morning or at lunch and then after school because there are no restrictions when you have just those kinds of beverages in there," says Stan McWhorter of Dougherty County Schools nutrition services.

About 15% of U.S. youngsters between the ages of six and 19 are seriously overweight. That's triple the number from 1980. The U.S. Soft Drink Association says the recommendation is misguided and goes too far.

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