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Relief on the way for laid-off workers

January 6, 2004

Albany- The new year brought the end of an era for workers at the Flint River Textile plant, but it also means bad news for Dougherty County unemployment numbers.

"230 jobs is a big loss to the community. We have 60,000 jobs total in Dougherty County. So, as a percentage it's not very big, one-third of one percent, but 230 jobs is very significant," says Tim Martin of the Albany Chamber of Commerce.

But help for the laid-off workers is already on the way.

"The one thing about Flint River Textile people is that they have probably been there for a long time and they have wonderful work ethics, and that is going to be a plus for them," says Sheilah Holland of the Georgia Labor Department.

The Georgia Labor Department is planning a workshop where they will work with them one-on-one helping to file for benefits and work their way back into the job market.

"We do have some of the workshops resume preparation, interviewing techniques where we help them know how to interview because after you have been at a job so long you do need to have refresher courses in those," adds Holland.

The growing number of new Dougherty County businesses like the Albany Bedding Company also mean good news for the unemployed.

"The Albany bedding Company has completed their site work. They're pouring their foundation and will be constructing their facility in the next few days," says Martin.

Which will eventually bring more than 100 new jobs to the area. So, while things may look bleak for Flint River Textile employees, labor officials still predict a bright year.

Officials at the Georgia Labor Department say they will also be contacting existing businesses and asking them to do whatever they can to help place Flint River employees.

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