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Important Lee County road nearly done

January 6, 2004

Lee County-- A multi-million dollar road project in Lee County is nearly complete. The much anticipated East-West Connector joins U.S. 19 and Philema Road--promising to ease drive time. But, the Connector could mean more.

Workers are putting the finishing touches on the East-West Connector, where it intersects with Old Leesburg Road and U.S. 19.

"We are looking right around the end of January, so it's looking really close," Lee County's Administrator Langford Holbrook says the five mile long road that joins U.S. 19 and Philema Road was supposed to wrap up last month. The project has been delayed about four weeks, "We had a really wet year last year and that's the primary reason we had just so many days of rain that they couldn't get out there."

Under overcast skies, workers were out there today, laying the last few feet of asphalt. But, this road is more than pavement, "Now certainly in the future it opens up a lot more land in the southern end and part of the planning we have done is to try to you know encourage development where we already have infrastructure."

The land that runs long the East-West Connector is owned by just a handful of families. And where the connector will intersect with U.S. 19 is considered to have the best real estate potential. Holbrook says, "You know they straightened Old Leesburg Road so that island in-between 19 and Old Leesburg Road is bigger now, I think that will be a prime commercial area."

The land is zoned for commercial use. But, Holbrook says those families are using their property for farmland and might not develop it soon. Holbrook says some subdivisions are being developed on the East-West Connector east of Lover's Lane Road.

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