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Fewer students make D's

January 5, 2004

(Atlanta-AP) -- The letter grade D has disappeared in some Georgia school districts. But possible changes to the HOPE scholarship could usher in a return of the below-average grade.

The D does not exist for high school students in Fulton, Cherokee, Forsyth and Hall counties. Officials say it was dropped years ago when the state mandated 70 as the lowest passing grade.

But the General Assembly -- looking for ways to save money in the popular HOPE program -- may begin requiring a minimum grade-point average to qualify for the scholarship. Currently, students must have a B average to get the money. The most likely change would be to require a 3.0 grade-point average.

That would give a slight advantage to systems that don't have a D, educators say, because teachers are inclined to give borderline students a C instead of failing them.

Fulton County officials were already considering restoring the D before talk of HOPE changes began.

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