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New Year's Baby

January 1, 2004

Albany -- Having the first baby of the new year is a coveted prize for many parents. For the baby it means they can expect double the celebration on their brithdays. It also makes their arrival a little more unforgettable.

If the new born in Phoebe Putney's maternity ward could talk they would probably tell you they were all a little jealous of one new baby born today. "About eight last night I started to have contractions that were about five minutes apart",says Stephanie Ammons.

Ammons is the mother of this seven-pound-one-ounce bouncing, baby, boy who is receiving a lot of attention. The baby doesn't have a name yet but already holds the distinctions of being born at 12:36 A.M, the first baby of 2004 in Dougherty county. "I'm taking care of the patient that had the first baby of the new year," says nurse Jessica Anderson. Anderson has been taking care of the famous baby and her mother. 

She says she already has made a connection with the this special delivery. "I went and told her my husband was also a new years baby she thought that was kind funny,"says Anderson.

Ammons a mother of five will try to make to future very bright for her newest addition.

"I know he is going to come out pretty good because I going to raise him right," says Ammons.

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