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Polar Bear Plunge kicks off at Wild Adventures

January 1, 2004

Lowndes County - New Year's is typically a day for shopping or watching football, but not swimming. That's exactly how some south Georgians chose to spend their holiday.

The countdown begins, and the race is on into an icy cold sea of blue. "It's freezing!" said Cole Greene.

It's the first annual Polar Bear Plunge at Wild Adventures. "They have these things up north, and we wanted to bring it to the south," said Kent Buescher, Park Owner. "People tend to hibernate around here when it gets cold, so we want to get the out and have a good time."

The temperature outside Thursday wasn't actually that cold. You'd think that might make the pool warmer, but think again. This water is only about 50 degrees. "When I first went it, I was in shock and couldn't feel anything," said Bradley Giddens. "It's like I was jumping into the ocean in the middle of winter," said Courtney Greene.

And while participants were only supposed to jump right in and out, some kids chose to stay in and enjoy the water. "I stayed in because I went numb and then it felt good," said Bradley Giddens.

Next year, park officials plan on adding snow to the event, making the polar bear plunge an even icier adventure.

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