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Weight loss for the New Year

December 31, 2003

Albany --When it comes making new year's resolutions only the brave need apply. "I don't make them I just break them,"says a shopper in Albany. The most popular resolution it seems for many, year after year, is weight loss.

For Thomas Bell the new year is a chance for the forty year old former college athlete to beat father time and a family history of health problems. "The men in my family are great for the first 50 years and then they go to pot,"says Bell.

This year he has a resolution and he plans to stick to it. "By the end of the year I would like to be five pound lighter. I would like to be a little more cut."

"Whether it's fitness related or personal related it needs to start with a written plan" says Dave Wallace, fitness coordinator for the YMCA in Albany. He says the gym sees a peak in member enthusiasm this time of year. But losing weight is like a new job, it takes time to get good at it. "You want to start off slow it take about three weeks to develop habits," says Wallace.

Fitness experts say daily excersise can help you achieve success. They say don't expect big results too soon and revisit your goal list when you feel discouraged.

Thursday the YMCA will hold its annual New Year's Day open house from one to four pm. The open house is to celebrate the Y's 94 years in ALbany. The first 94 people to walk through the doors will receive a free commemorative T-shirt.

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