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Designated driver will save lives and money

December 31, 2003

Albany - If you're going out to party, be sure to take with you a designated driver. Drinking and driving is not only dangerous, but it can be very expensive.

Some event planners are providing free transportation on New Years Eve to get their guests home safely.

It's roomy, free and safe. Chehaw Park Marketing Director, Shannon Smallwood, says, "It's the cheetah van."

The four wheeled cheetah will be on the go on New Year's Eve. Taking home Chehaw Park Zoo Year's Eve party goers who have a little too much to drink.

During gambling, games and auctions, staff members will also be spying on you. Smallwood adds, "Not to do breathalyzers or be the 'no fun' police, but we'll make sure we know they can get home safely."

Zoo Year's Eve party planners are also promoting designated drivers by putting out non-alcoholic beverages, like water, cokes and coffee. Smallwood says, "We want to make sure that everyone who comes is, at least, thinking on the lines of having a designated driver. Coca-cola has been nice enough to provide cokes, diet cokes and water for us, we'll have them free tonight."

If the cheetah van is too busy, Zoo Year's Eve will also have taxi services ready to call. He says, "A little bit better than a cop car, that's what we're hoping tonight, that folks will realize."

If you're not going to Zoo Year's Eve, some taxi services take reservations or at least bring those numbers with you, just in case.

Here's the break down on the cost of a DUI:

  • After getting arrested, you may have to get your car towed. That cost you at least $75 and then daily storage fees.
  • Bond is usually set at $1,000.
  • Then you get 12 months probation, costing you $39 a month, equaling $468.
  • Fines and court fees add up to nearly $600.
  • To get your drivers license re-instated, add $210-dollars.
  • A DUI class costs $280.

** The total estimated price for a DUI, more than $2,600 and that doesn't include a crash or if you take someone else's life. **

Now remember, it may cost you less than $20 dollars to get a taxi and you can split the cost with friends.

If you're convicted of DUI you also have to do 40 hours of community service and your insurance goes up.

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