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Horse Rider

December 31, 2003

Camilla - 20,000 miles. It's a long trip by car, but on a horse, it will take years to complete. "You know we do everything we do one step at a time," says long rider Gene Glasscock. "You just have to get up and start, and once you start, say 'I'm not quitting', and you just take one more step."

Glasscock is traveling step-by-step to all 48 continental state capitals on horseback. He's raising money for students to come to the United States and attend college.

He says, "I hope we have a better world by the young people coming here and going back to make a change in theirs." He's traveled to 24 states since September 2002.

His next stop is Tallahassee, Florida. Of course, Gene stops along the way and stays with friends he meets during the journey. "They'll come out on the street and say 'would you like a place to stay?' And I've never slept outdoors on this whole trip," says Gene.

He hopes his trip will inspire others to help others out. "It really encourages people to not sit at home and rot their lives away," he says, "but to get out their and do what they want to do and hopefully make a difference in the world."

A difference he's making step by step. If you would like to donate to the Philip Scholarship Fund you can send money to Philip Scholarship Fund Pensacola Christian College 250 Brent Lane Pensacola, Florida 32523.

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