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Fireworks and New Years

December 30, 2003

Thomasville - They seem so innocent, but fireworks can cause big problems. Thomas County Sheriff's Captain John Richards says, "Well, our biggest concern of course is fire, and then children shooting them off, and we're concerned with injury."

But believe it or not, officers aren't out to get you just for using fireworks. Captain Richards says, "If it appears to be in a safe environment where everything is monitored and the fireworks aren't such of a class of firework that it could really cause damage to somebody or a structure, we'll let them have their fun."

Dennis Carpenter sells fireworks at the Georgia/Florida state line. He says as long as you use them carefully, there is no problem. He says, "We advise people to have a bucket of water handy, and don't let children use the lighter, and have adult supervision around."

Officers say if you do plan to ring in the New Year with fireworks, make sure you have a clear area overhead and that you end the fireworks soon after midnight.

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