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ASA pilot takes his last flight

December 30, 2003

Valdosta - The ceremonial water arch and a crowd of family and friends waited on the ground, as ASA pilot Michael McAllister made one last landing at the Valdosta Regional Airport. "I don't think its really sunk in yet," said McAllister.

After almost three dozen years in the air, he took his final flight to the site of his favorite aviation memories. "I did two tours at Moody in the late 70's and 80's flying F-4's, and I wanted to come to Valdosta, because I have so many good friends, family, and memories here," said McAllister.

But McAllister isn't retiring by choice. The FAA mandates that all pilots retire by age 60. He doesn't agree. "I take flight exams, I run 4 miles in 30 minutes every other day, and I can still do the job," said McAllister. "I don't think this age requirement applies to me at all."

And even though he's leaving the commercial airline industry, this pilot says his aviation career is far from over. "I'm kind of turning the page in another chapter."

He already has resumes out to corporations without the age 60 retirement policy, and hopes to continue flying the friendly skies.

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