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South Georgia soldier gets send-off... again

December 26, 2003

ALBANY - Army Specialist Nakoma Williamson graduated from Dougherty High School in 2001. He immediately joined the Army and serves in the 82nd Airborne, where he and family members agree he found his niche.

But, that niche has taken him away from his family and overseas for the past two years.

"I know that I have family at home that cares about me," he says recalling what keeps him going while serving overseas.  

"I'm proud of what he's done," his mother, Anita, an Air Force Veteran herself, says.

She admits that Saturday's send-off will be "Scary."  "(I'll ) probably have more white hair by the time he gets back."

Scary as it may be, Friday wasn't about goodbyes.  It was about Christmas. It was about being together. At home. At peace.

"The main Christmas present I wanted was to get home and see my family," Nakoma said. 

Not surprisingly, his mom said the same thing. 

"My biggest Christmas present was for him to be with us this year," she said.  "That just made my day all worth it."

Still, the thought of leaving was there.  But, the young soldier --  the one with a boyish face -- the one with a man's job -- was prepared.

"It's always, 'I'll see you later,'"  he said.  "So, there won't be any goodbyes tomorrow. I'll be back soon."

Be back soon to his family. The one he knows cares about him so much.

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