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Lottery is up to $125 Million

December 26, 2003

Thomasville - What would you do with $125,000,000? Karren Drew says, "Use some for my family to go and do things." "The wife and I would do stuff with the kids and travel," says Bruce Ratliff. John Clayton says, "I would go to china and I'd start an import and export business with trading."

Whether your plans would include traveling to distant lands or just staying at home, lots of people were buying up tickets for Friday night's Mega Millions lotto drawing.

Leonta Gibson is a clerk at Jack Rabbit foods in Thomasville. She says, "We've had some come from Tallahassee, Albany, Bainbridge, Valdosta. We've had people come from everywhere."

And some of them are spending a whole lot of money! Gibson says, "Business has been kind of fast. We've had customers buy up to $100.00 in Mega Million lottery tickets today."

Karren says she would give half of the money to her church. "Our pastor said he would put it to good use, so if I win, I'm giving half of it to the church."

Bruce says he would give half to his wife, but only if she pays him the $1.00 it cost for her ticket. "One for me and one for my wife, but she's got to give me $1.00. I'm not sharing with her. I'll sell it to her for a dollar."

$1.00 for 125 million more.

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