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Judge sets date for Albany city elections

December 24, 2003

Albany--After months of controversy and court hearings, there is a decision in the lawsuit that forced the postponement of Albany city elections. Late this afternoon, Judge Louis Sands issued an order that designates a new voting district map and sets February 10th as election day.

Sands chose a map drawn by Linda Meggers, the Director of the Legislative Reapportionment Services Office for the Georgia General Assembly. Sands says the map causes minimum change, minimizes disruption of voting precincts, maintains all the incumbants and candidates in the districts where they qualified, and minimizes voter confusion.

Qualified candidates will not have to requalify. Qualifying will reopen january 12th through the 14th for potential new candidates.

No one has seen a final version of the map Judge Sands chose. There was a minor error in the latest version submitted to the court. City Attorney Nathan Davis says he expects to get a copy of the new map early next week.

Judge Sands initially postponed the November elections because city voting districts were based on outdated census information and diluted minority voting strength.


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