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Troopers looking out for holiday traffic

December 24, 2003
Albany- If you're traveling through the holidays, make sure you drive safely because Georgia State troopers are watching you.

 Troopers were out today with their radar guns and handing out tickets. The state patrol has extra troopers on the road to look for speeders, check for seat belt usage, and do sobriety checks.

But before you your trip, make sure your vehicle is prepared.

"Make sure your vehicles are all working properly before you do hit the roadway," said Trooper First Class Scott Mclure. "Make sure your tires are inflated, that you do have a good amount of tread on them and everything in the vehicle is working."

The Christmas holiday travel period began at six o'clock and runs through midnight Sunday. The Department of Motor Vehicle Safety is predicting there will be 2,901 wrecks with 745 injuries and 17 fatalities.

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