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Easter eggs become Christmas babies

December 24, 2003
Albany- Michelle and Chris Bass will celebrate Christmas this year as Christians and as new parents.

Campbell and Kaylee arrived Monday night, three weeks early, but not a moment too soon.

"Actually we had planned a c-section for the (Dec.) 29th, but they came early," Bass said.

Their timing, though, seems to be perfect.

The twin girls are here because their parents tried an invetro pregnancy after years of infertility. They're here because their parents celebrated Easter in a doctor's office.

"When you're doing the invetro, timing is of the essence," Bass said. "So we didn't actually know going into it that the embryos were going to be transferred on Easter, but they called us and told us to be there Easter Sunday morning."

The girls began to grow as Christians celebrated a Savior's resurrection. And they arrived as many prepared to celebrate his birth.

"We didn't plan it that way," Bass said. "God played a special part and that was obvious."

So as Christians, they'll celebrate Christmas, overjoyed with the same feelings of parenthood felt by another set of new parents centuries ago.

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