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Albany leaders tackle trash and night clubs

December 23, 2003

Albany - Garbage bills are going up in Albany. Tuesday night, city leaders voted to raise the rate by $2.50 a month. The increase will start March 1, 2004. Customers will pay $20.64 each month for garbage collection.

The rate hike comes after the city hired a new waste collection company to replace Onyx Waste Service. Onyx fell days behind in yard trimming collection in the summer which led to many customer complaints.

Also, All-night dance clubs are a thing of the past in Albany. All clubs must now close between 4:00AM to 8:00AM, even if they don't serve alcohol.

Clubs, such as Insomnia and Club 229, were allowed to stay open all night because they didn't sell alcohol. Instead, customers could bring their on alcohol.

City commissioners voted to force those clubs to follow the same hours as other bars. Commissioners previously dropped a proposal to close all bars at 2:00AM after complaints from dozens or bar owners and patrons.

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