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Chambliss talks about terrorist and MCLB

December 23, 2003

Moultrie - Americans should be on alert for terrorist attacks. U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss says, "Should we be worried? We should be every single day." He says to be aware of your surroundings.

The Senator says President George Bush is committed to winning the war on terrorism. He adds that the war has been a success, the latest with Saddam Hussein's capture. The CIA has heard more terrorist "chatter" in the past few days, which should put Americans on guard.

Raising the alert level costs money and puts added stress on everyone. Chambliss admits, "It's an on-going threat. We could have an attacked today or tomorrow."

Chambliss is the go-to guy when it comes to Homeland Security. He adds, "The fact you see more activity out of Bin Laden and his top aide probably indicates the threat is real."

The Senator says Osama Bin Laden is different from the man we've already taken out of power, Saddam Hussein. Chambliss says, "Saddam had made a lot of people in Iraq mad, because he's a murderer, a terrorist, a rapist of his own people. Bin Laden is a hero to his people who are sheltering him today."

He believes the reason terrorists haven't been able to hit American soil since September 11th is a good indication of the intelligence community, law enforcement and Americans doing a better job of paying attention. He admits the threat will never end, but if Bin Laden is caught, it would help. He says, "It would be nice to have one more Christmas present."

Defense officials say don't change your plans to travel, but take the threats seriously. If you see someone or something suspicious contact authorities immediately.

Chambliss says Saddam Hussein is not giving the Department of Defense positive information, but significant information is being found in documents from his loyal supporters. D.O.D has arrested hundreds of people in connection with Hussein since he was arrested more than a week ago.

In other news, Chambliss also added Albany's marine base is in good shape when it comes to staying off the base closure list.

The pentagon released a criteria list Monday and Chambliss admits it's the same list from previous BRAC rounds.

He says MCLB is in a good location and the base works with three branches of the military, Marine, Air Force and Army. The senator says, "We know, this is going to be the mother of all rounds of base closures. There are going to be bases that close that nobody ever imagined would be closed. There's a reason for concern and a reason for continued work on the part of everybody in the Albany area."

Chambliss believes at least one Georgia base will have to close by 2005.

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