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Firemen watch fire-retardant product demo

December 22, 2003

Albany- It only takes a matter of minutes for an entire house to burn to the ground, leaving little time for those inside to escape. One South Georgia company sells a product that can give fire victims a fighting chance.

Albany firemen watched a demonstration of Fire Safety Solutions' No Burn products. The fire retardant solution can be applied to wood, paint, or fabric.

Dealers say it helps prevent items in your home from burning and even eliminates more than 90% of deadly, toxic fumes from smoke.

"Anything is going to burn at a given temperature. It's going to burn. The question is how fast is it going to burn? Can we give the fire department an extra three, an extra fifteen minutes to get there? Can I get my dogs out? Can I get children out? That's what we're trying to talk about here, reducing the threat of you getting burnt up inside of your home," says Corey Perez of Fire Safety Solutions.

When used as a paint, the product will burn, but the wood underneath will not, reducing the damage to the structure of your home. For more information about the product contact Corey Perez at 229-809-0421.

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