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Terror alert slows travelers

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

December 22, 2003

Albany - Holiday travelers may notice tighter security at the nation's airports. You can expect more baggage checks and even vehicle searches. Airport security intensified yesterday when America's terror level raised to orange or "high status.

The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport immediately implemented tighter safety measures. Many of the safety tips you'll never see or know about because they're secret so that potential terrorists can't work around them. But, you can see these signs at the airport that warn passengers to report any suspicious activities or packages.

With his tiny hands and face pressed against the window, 4 year-old John Michael Avera waits for his Aunt Allison to step off the plane.

"There she is," said John Michael's grandmother with a smile. And with those words, he darted to see her. The two greeted with a big hug and a "Merry Christmas."

Alison Avera arrived from Philadelphia this afternoon after 6 months away from her family. "We're glad she's home," said her sister Wendy Avera. "It's been awhile."

Alison's family is happy to have her home, but they were nervous about her flying during a heightened terror alert. "We were worried a little but she flies so much we're kind of used to it now."

Luckily, the travel report included no big delays. "No, believe or not there wasn't," said Alison She got off her airplane on time, despite the terror alert and security upgrades. And now, it's time to celebrate the holidays with her family.

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