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Winter is here

December 22, 2003

Albany- Roger Griner spent Monday morning shoveling dirt so he could lay telephone wire.

"It's a little chilly, but we're dealing with it. We're suited up fairly well and moving around a little bit it's not too bad. I'm glad I'm in the sun this morning. I sure am," says Roger Griner.

While most of us were scrapping ice off our windshields, this roofing crew was already hard at work.

When asked how he stays warm, roofer Edward Nix says, "three coats and two pair of gloves."

South Georgia lows have already dipped down as low as 23 degrees, and this is just the start of the winter season.

Winter is often the busiest time of year for delivery men like Glenn Brown, who says he's too busy to get cold.

"I've got plenty to keep me warm on the back of this truck. I take my jacket off the first thing and usually don't put it back on," he says.

Still, others say they're ready to get rid of the chill.

"It stayed pretty warm into the year this year. We haven't had too much cold weather so far, so maybe we'll get lucky and have an early spring also," laughs Griner.

Until then, if you have to brave the morning chill, don't forget to bundle up.

Meteorologists say South Georgia has an equal chance to have either below normal or above normal temperatures.

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