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"Photo-Facial" lessens freckles

December 22, 2003
by Roxanne Stein

West Palm Beach, FL-- If the sun has been your best friend and now you have the freckles to show for it, there may be a solution if you want them to disappear.  Technology that can help fade those brown spots.

Years spent baking in the florida sun caught up with Monique Rehmer. "I was actually getting some freckles, dark lesions and dark spots coming down my cheeks and I was using more and more makeup to try to get rid of it, and then you looked made up all the time."

Monique doesn't have to worry about looking made up anymore. Dr. Sam Lederman is zapping her freckles. To do it, fast, powerful beams of light are blasted from this. It's name, 'Xeo'. "It's not laser lite. It's a flashlight. It's a very powerful flashlight that targets pigment in the skin," says Dr. Lederman.

The procedures to remove dark pigmentation have been around for a while. But now, the technology has been refined, making the procedure faster, easier and best of all, safer for the patient.

“The flash light releases the energy and that energy is absorbed by the pigment in the skin,” Lederman said. “It's especially designed for pigmented lesions of all kinds. Especially freckles, liver spots, sun spots, the kind of spots that you see, especially people in South Florida."

Monique immediately noticed a change. "After the first treatment there was a huge difference." Then, after three treatments, a big change in Monique's freckles and her appearance.

And all her friends have taken notice. "They can't figure out what's different, they keep saying 'Did you change your makeup? Did you change your hair color?'"

The "photo facial", the 'formal' name for the procedure, costs about $100-to $200 per treatment.

It doesn't work on dark pigment, because it can burn the skin.

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