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Military mother gets early present

December 21, 2003

Albany -- For parents who have children stationed overseas there will be an empty chair at the dinner table this Christmas. But one South Georgia mother who expected to be alone for the holiday received a surprise all the way from Kuwait.

A warm cup of coffee helps Renne Williams remember the last fifteen days and a phone call she received from her son stationed overseas. "He said 'Momma I sending you something for Christmas' and I said 'what is it?' He said if 'I told you it wouldn't be a surprise,'" recalls Williams.

What Williams son didn't tell her was that he would be the surprise. Williams' son Mark Scott is stationed in Kuwait and hadn't seen his mother in two years, and now with time granted, would be home for the holidays. "Out of no where my son walked in and said 'Hi Momma,' and I just looked at him and I tackled him, like you do on the football field," she recalls.

Williams and her family went to great lengths to make her son's visit a memorable and lasting one. Williams is a mother who is not unfamiliar with the sacrifices of war. Her military career came to a close just a few weeks ago. "I was in there for about 11 years. I enjoyed it, now I'm out and my only baby is in and I wish he could come on home too."

And for Williams, it seemed that as soon as her son came it was time for him to board a plane to go back. Scott would leave his family and mother with one unanswered question. "Will it be the last time?," asks Williams. "Who knows? God is good because he brought him home to me."

Mrs. William says when her son completes his time in the Army he hopes to attend college in Georgia and study art and animation.

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