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Woman celebrates life on Christmas

December 21, 2003

Albany- Emma Jean Williams listens to a sermon about searching for the Christmas spirit, but it's a lesson she says she's already learned.

"When Satan said 'die', God said 'live' and that's why I'm here," she exclaims.

Over the past two years the 68 year old has been hospitalized for complications with her small intestine, a hernia, and has even had pneumonia. Illnesses that have not only taken her away from her church family, but also her four children.

"Every time they came for the past two years I was in the hospital, they had to come to the hospital to see me, but thank God I'm here today."

Her pastor challenges the entire congregation to search for the spirit of God this Christmas.

"Obviously we find out that we don't discover him in redundancy or the repetitious things that we normally do every Christmas. It's in family, in the small things," says Williams's pastor, Dr. Theodus Drake.

Things like cooking being able to cook Christmas dinner for family.

"They haven't had my cooking in two years, because I haven't been able to cook and they don't know I'm cooking this time. I'm going to surprise them," smiles Williams.

A home-cooked meal my be what she's giving this year, but Williams has already received her gift-- the gift of life.

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