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Gas prices could increase 10-11% for WG&L customers

December 18, 2003

ALBANY - Early winter storms up north could end up affecting your wallet. After the bad weather, natural gas suppliers pulled more than 11 billion gallons of gas out of reserves.  That forced the price of natural gas up and it could trickle down to your energy bill.

Lee Rambo doesn't think she'll be too shocked when her WG&L bill comes in January.  "It's high enough anyway," she says.  Lee lives in a duplex with roommate Bridget Reeves.  Since their heat is the only thing powered by gas, they don't expect a big increase.

Others may not be so lucky.  The price Albany's Water Gas and Light Commission pays for natural gas has gone up almost 25-percent in one month.  Some of that increase will be passed along to customers.

"The December increase will mean, on average, the price we charge our customers will go up 10 to 11 percent for December," John Vansant, Director of Fiscal Affairs for WG&L said.

 Still, Bridget isn't worried.  "Gas is a lot cheaper than when I lived with electric heat," Reeves said.  "But, pretty much, when we're not at home, we don't run the heat."

There are other things you can do to prevent your bill from soaring:

  • Weather-proof your windows and doors.
  • Close vents in spare rooms.
  • Set thermostat at lowest comfortable temperature.
  • Dress warmly.

Also, WG&L will send a conservation team to your home to point out repairs that can lesson your bill.

It is important to note the price of natural gas often fluctuates.  It's possible WG&L customers could see substantially higher bills this winter or even no increase at all.

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