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Bracelets part of sex game

December 18, 2003

Thomasville - It seems like an innocent gift, a pack of jelly bracelets, but some kids are using them for a sex game.

Thomas County Schools Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Jean Quigg says, "It was brought to our attention by a middle school parent that there was some concern about some bracelets being worn by middle school students."

But Dr. Quigg says they haven't really had a problem with the bracelets in the Thomas County School system. "Supposedly some sexual connotations are being related to these bracelets by these students," says Quigg. "Fortunately at our middle school, we have not had a prevalent incidents of the bracelets being warn."

But the students we talked to, some of them as young as 12, said they know exactly what the bracelets are for.

It's a game called "snap". Boys pull, or "snap" bracelets off of girls arms. Then, she's supposed to perform whatever sexual act that color bracelet signifies. It can be as innocent as hugging, as explicit as a lap dance, and it doesn't stop there.

Not every student who wears the bracelets performs the acts, or even knows about them. How can you make sure you're children maintain their innocence? Talk to them.

Dr Quigg says, "I can say that our job in the Thomas County school system is to really maintain a climate conducive to learning. And we ask the parents take the responsibility to monitor what their students are wearing and maintain open communication with their children about what they're wearing."

The Thomas County school board has discussed the bracelets, and although they have not banned them, they are making sure students are not disrupting classes with them.

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