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Salute to Albany military heroes

December 17, 2003

Albany - MCLB Albany honors nearly 100 Marines, sailors, National Guardsmen, and civilians for their service overseas. The Marine Base held a luncheon to thank those who served and their families who support them while they were gone.

Marines, some of the Navy medical staff at the base, and the civilians who repair the equipment spent months in Kuwait, Afghanistan, or Iraq. "I was a medical regulator," said Hospital Medical-1 Straassi Mumford, US Navy. "I made sure patients were evacuated in a timely manner to a medical treatment facility."

"In went over May 15th to evaluate the electronic equipment that was coming out of the war zone," said civilian Lonnie Glen Yarborough.

A handful of National Guard members, who drove transportation trucks in Iraq, were also honored today. They said they have to go back to Iraq at the end of the month.

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