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Flu hits Southwest Georgia

December 17, 2003

Albany-- Four children in Georgia have died, possibly from the flu. And the virus is in all parts of the state, "Tests have proven that we have influenza here" says Dr. Dinshaw Sidhwa. Doctor's offices are jammed with sick people.

The health department now says the flu is widespread in Georgia. And the proof can be found in doctors offices and emergency rooms which are jam packed with people with the flu.

Mike Calhoun needs a doctor. Kim Calhoun says her husband Mike feels, "Very bad, he feels like he has been run over by a truck."

His wife Kim knows just how he feels. She was sick for two weeks with the flu and the virus is getting passed around, "I have a 15-month-old that is just now getting over it. Mike has had it a week and our eight-year-old girl, so far she hasn't gotten it."

Mike's got a 102 degree fever and basically hurts all over. Dr. Sidhwa at Phoebe's Convenient Care Center has seen these symptoms a lot lately, "Probably 20 a day of the total of about 70 people we see everyday. Acute symptoms of the fever, high fever, chills, body aches and pains, swollen joints, cough and cold."

But are these symptoms actually full-fledged flu? Dr. Sidhwa says yes, "We have confirmed them on swabs here. We have done little in-office tests that have shown influenza is going around for sure." And Mike has the flu for sure. He's been prescribed antibiotics to help relieve some of his symptoms. Otherwise it's gonna take rest and time to get over the flu.

Georgia is getting about 2,900 more flu shots, but it's not known yet if Southwest Georgia will get any of those. If you think you have the flu, your best bet for a quick recovery is to see a doctor within 48 hours of the sign of the flu.

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