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Senator signs best-selling book

December 17, 2003

Albany-- He's been lieutenant governor, governor, senator, and now he's a best selling author.

Wednesday in Albany, Zell Miller autographed copies of that book that's critical of his own party.

People lined up at Books-a-Million more than thirty minutes before Miller showed up. Miller's book, A National Party No More , says the National Democrat Party is out of touch with the South.

When asked about the criticism and praise his book has received, Miller says the sales numbers speak for themselves, "Well, first of all the sale of the book has been very gratifying. I never thought in my wildest imagination I would have a book that I've written that has been on the New York Times bestseller's list for five weeks in a row. That is completely unbelievable. I've been completely gratified about the reception it has received."

There's now a Republican-backed bill to place a statue of Miller on the grounds of the state capitol. Miller jokingly says they can at least wait until he's dead.

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