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Night Club, but not bar hours changing

December 16, 2003

Albany - City leaders drop the idea of closing bars and nightclubs at 2:00 AM, but do tentatively agree to change the hours of all-night clubs. Clubs, such as Insomnia and Club 229, can stay open all night because they don't serve alcohol. Instead, these clubs allow customers to brown bag or bring alcohol with them.

Tuesday, City Public Safety Committee members voted to make these places close from 4:00AM to 8:00AM, just like other bars. But, commissioners delayed a vote to get rid of brown bagging all together.

"This may put me out of business," said Kimberly Hadley, Insomnia Owner. "Most of our customers don't show up until 1:30AM or 2:00AM, so why pay a cover to stay only two hours."

Now, the changes to the operating hours must be passed by the whole commission next Tuesday night. Commissioners agreed to meet with all-night club owners to discuss a possible brown bag license which , in part, will pay for police enforcement at the clubs.

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