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Airport announces its Wish List

December 16, 2003

Albany - Millions of dollars in changes to the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport may lure more business to the area. The Airport Authority wants to build a multi-million dollar cargo sort facility to handle the growing cargo traffic.

Also, Officials are asking Congressional leaders to help bring a radar system to the airport. The radar, which is already paid for and sitting in Atlanta, allows private and military planes to detect other aircrafts in the skies.

"The tower could separate and keep control of different aircrafts. The radar would make Commanders at bases like Moody and Fort Rucker fell safe and bring their forces here to train," said Interim Director Robert Mohl.

The airport also wants to extend the runway to allow larger, heavier cargo and passenger planes to land. This week, airport officials asked city and county leaders to be ready to give money to help pay for the projects. But, most of the money will come form the federal government.

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