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More trash talk means slower garbage pick-up

December 16, 2003

Albany - Your garbage may start piling up if you live in Albany. The garbage company that picks up about half of the City's trash is pulling out and leaving the city to clean up the mess.

Onyx Waste Services says the City is doing them wrong, and they won't pickup garbage west of Slappey after January 7th. Now, the City is scrambling for workers to handle thousands of new customers during the busiest trash season of the year.

Homeowner Dr. David Hewett shows off newly planted grass. "All across here was empty because I had trash pileup there," said Dr. Hewett.

Onyx Waste fell behind in their garbage collection. When the City held the company in breech of contract, the problems got better fast. "My trash pileup mostly stays empty and that all turned around last October," said Dr. Hewett.

But, the City still decided not to renew Onyx's contract. The company was contractually obligated to continue picking up trash for 90 days, but Onyx backed out demanding more money for the three months extension.

"It couldn't happen at a worse time for us," said Public Works Director Phil Roberson. "There's a lot of household trash at Christmas and the leaves continue to fall."

The city must bring on 25 to 40 new workers to collect the trash. "We're going to work a little overtime. That means you may see delays in your trash collection, especially your yard trimmings. But, we hope there won't be any delays, " said Roberson.

Roberson is urging customers to recycle to reduce the amount of trash and not to mix yard and household trash to make collection easier for busy employees.

Hewett just hopes the City can keep his road clean until the new company, Transwaste, takes over in March. The city is considering suing Onyx.

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