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Twin sons serve in Iraq

December 16, 2003

Thomasville - "I want them home, I really do," says Christina Jordan. When they were only teenagers, her twin sons made the decision to join the military. She says, "They were sure that that's what they wanted to do, so I signed the paper for them."

Chester and David are both serving in Iraq, but not together. David is with the army, and Chester is with the 1148th out of Thomasville. Chester prayed to see his brother again.

Jordan says, "He [Chester] laid down at midnight and started praying, said 'Lord make a way that I can see my brother. I love him and miss him.' And said that whenever he went to bed that night, two o'clock in the morning a guy in his unit woke him up and said Branton wake up, someone's here to see you, and when he opened his eyes David was at the foot of his bunk."

"Chester has a scripture that he's been quoting," says Jordan. "Isaiah 54:17, 'No weapon formed against will prosper.'"

The twins Grandfather, Reverend Okey Peacoe says prayer is what protects them. He says, "I Pray for them everyday, I believe that God protects them."

Christina says she's thankful for their protection and for their willingness to go. She says, "I watched them turn into men, very honorable men."

Men willing to go the distance to protect their country. Christina Jordan's sons are expected to be finished serving in Iraq by late January.

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