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Peppermint Pops tunes up holiday season

December 15, 2003
Albany- Nights are always holy when they're filled with music.

Leroy Bynum enjoys performing with the Albany Symphony Orchestra, especially on the night of Peppermint Pops.

"I love to sing for one," Bynum said. "And I love to see these wonderful faces of kids and the older people, adults, just people from every where to come and enjoy great Christmas music."

This year, a lack of money almost shut down this popular season event. But financial contributions from the community made sure the songs were sung.

"Christmas is so much about music," Bynum said. "It's about singing, it's about being with friends, it's about caring and sharing and giving."

Each singer who filled every seat was glad this minty tradition spiced up the season after all. And at this concert, every voice counted.

"If you don't sing, you can make a joyful noise. There are thousands of other people here so it really doesn't matter what you sound like."

Bynum and these musicians are just glad they got the chance to fill the night with holy sounds. Making music that will stay with these carolers for the rest of the season.

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