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Mayoral candidates differ on campaign signs

December 15, 2003

Albany-- Campaign signs popped up in Albany in September, and even though the city's election is on hold, the signs are still in yards across town.

The city is ordering all the signs be removed, but Mayoral Candidate Dr. Willie Adams says his signs will stay right where they are until a Judge sets the new election date.

A political sign stands just a few feet away from Dr. Willie Adams office-- despite an order by the City to remove it. "I haven't made in efforts to remove any signs" said Planning and Zoning employee Tracy Hester.

Under city codes, campaign signs can only be put up 60 days before the election. And, right now we don't know when that election we held. It was put on hold after the NAACP and Dr. Adams sued the city for using outdated census data to draw voting lines.

"There's a lot of confusion about when will the election be. I checked with my attorneys yesterday and the Judge had rendered a ruling, so how do they know there is not going to be an election soon?" Adams said.

So Dr. Adams isn't taking down his signs until he hears from Judge.

His opponent, Mayor Tommy Coleman, says that's wrong. "If really creates an unfair advantage for someone to completely disregard what the law is."

We drove around looking for signs today, but couldn't find any except those belonging to Dr. Adams. Coleman says he started taking his signs down a month ago. "Just because we don't want to do something, doesn't mean we have the right not to do it. There are rules in society."

"Since we do not know when the 60 days before the election begins, we thought we're in frameworks of law to leave signs up, so I haven't made in efforts to remove any signs," said Dr. Adams.

For now, code enforcement officials are throwing away any signs they find around town. They say candidates can be taken to court if they don't remove the signs immediately.

Federal Judge Louis Sands has not set a date for the election. City leaders hope to hold it on March 2nd, the day of the Presidential Primary.

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