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Albany Marine reacts to Hussein's capture

Saddam in custody, before he shaved his beard Saddam in custody, before he shaved his beard

December 14, 2003

Albany -- As Clifford Bowen and his family watch television, the images of Saddem Hussien capture are surreal for all of them . Bowen recently returned to Albany from Iraq.

For him, the image of the fallen dictator brings a flurry of emotions. "You see him not on a statue, not on a picture you see his as broken man," he says.

Clifford's mother Debbie is more at ease watching war coverage now that her son is home. But knowing that both of her two sons could be called back at anytime leaves her with little closure.

"We were always scared, concerned never knowing what would happen. We still don't know what would happen even after Saddem has been captured. There is still a lack of government and it is going to take a while to rebuild," says Debbie.

For now, Clifford is back at home with loved ones and is planning his wedding. But his thoughts are still with his comrades. " Maybe those who were going to go maybe it will push to that back some time later," he says.

Clifford's father, Joe, holds his son a little closer these day but he knows that the battle is not over. "I also was thinking that there was one down and one more to go. We still need to get one more to make the world safe," he says.

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